Ariel Corporation

SAP Implementation Project

Testing and Deployment Key to Success


Navigator worked closely with Ariel Corporation, the world’s largest manufacturer of separable reciprocating gas compressors, on a Technology Assessment project encompassing all the supporting business systems across the enterprise. The assessment resulted in opportunities to consolidate Ariel's multiple business systems to fewer and increase the level of integration between each remaining system. One key recommendation from this analysis was selecting their enterprise-wide ERP solution. Navigator guided an empowered core team of Ariel leaders to select SAP.  Navigator was asked to lead the SAP Planning and Implementation project. Navigator provided a variety of leadership and project roles, including project management, organizational change management, training, data migration, cutover deployment planning and execution, business analysis, testing, and security leadership.


Our testing and deployment leadership was a key component of the successful implementation. Our testing and deployment efforts included the following activities and results:
  • Created a comprehensive 1,800 line cutover plan integrating iterative input from team members across the enterprise 
  • Led project team to deliver Pre-Cutover, Cutover and Post Cutover phases
  • Multiple mock conversions and cutover simulations to help Ariel understand the process and time commitment for deployment
  • Helped select and use qTest, a cloud based testing tool, to plan testing and manage testing execution, defects, completions for greater efficiency for client and as alternative to intelligence manual test-tracking method
  • Ported the cutover plan to qTest (cloud based testing tool) in order to leverage that tool’s capabilities around cohesive communication & tracking of script execution in a novel fashion
  • Created Ariel’s first ever enterprise architecture deliverables to understand and communicate deployment and cutover impacts across the enterprise 
  • Identified and documented over 100 integration test scripts 
  • Implemented test measurement through "switch-tos", effectively embedding cross-functional testing in all test phases
  • Coordinated execution of test plans for three test phases.  Scope of integration testing exceeded the depth, detail, and rigor of any testing Ariel had done historically.  
  • Supported new RICEFW work and extensive revision to existing RICEFW, including documentation, testing, communication with other teams (security, data, training)
  • Created, managed, and resolved test defects working closely with the functional teams
  • Collaborated with data team to ensure production orders post-migration were effectively identical to what Ariel had in legacy, to minimize the impact on end users


The impact of this project helped eliminate several stand-alone systems, improve system integration, achieve single source of truth data integrity, numerous operational efficiencies, transition from an IT-driven to a business-driven system, to name a few.  

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