Multi-State Energy Company

Finance Transformation

Finance Transformation


The breadth of the Finance transformation effort meant that multiple projects were in motion simultaneously.  Navigator was engaged at both a detail activity level and at a program management level to ensure that this energy company had a program-level view of the transformation effort as a whole that could be reviewed monthly with the Finance Executive Committee. 


Navigator was involved in various program streams, including Financial Planning Process Reengineering, Internal Executive Reporting Reengineering, Financial Planning / Accounting Consolidation Tool Assessment and Roadmap, Organizational Change and Communication, Strategic Planning Model Improvements, and Analysis of Capital Asset Process and Systems (CAPS).


Navigator supported this organization's finance vision to have a keen insight into their financial position at all times. Some of the business outcomes achieved included:

  • Cycle-time reduction
  • Non-value added waste elimination
  • Business unit process standardization
  • Reduction in the amount of executive time spent on program communications by as much as 75%
  • Identification of 12 material shortfalls in corporate Strategic Planning Model (SPM) capabilities, resulting in the elimination of several redundant processes to create SPMs within the business units
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