University System of Georgia

Financial Aid Process Improvement Services


The administration of federal financial aid exemplifies one of the most critical fiduciary functions of University System of Georgia (USG) institutions. The USG Chancellor convened a Financial Aid Task Force to review and determine best practices in administering financial aid. This broader effort was needed to better evaluate the USG’s financial aid risks and identify opportunities to better serve all USG students. The financial aid task force provided a report identifying key opportunities for procedural improvements, technology enhancements and expanded training opportunities.

The USG required support to develop the implementation plan to move forward on the report recommendations, as well as assistance in helping to document current financial aid processes with the intent of developing common financial aid policies, procedures and technology solutions. 


Navigator Management Partners supported the USG through the following activities: 
  • Developed beginning of a governance structure for Financial Aid initiatives
    • Developed detailed project plans for several priority projects
    • Developed proposed roles and responsibilities for oneusg Financial Aid Workgroup members
    • Documented the current state responsibilities for the USG Central Office and developed a conceptual organizational structure
    • Developed an action item tracker for staff to track financial aid-related action items
    • Developed a tool to track the status of addressing audit recommendations
  • Developed activities associated with documenting the current state financial aid practices and technology
    • Developed database of questions to address with USG Financial Aid Officers
    • Developed high-level process flow to depict the major areas of the financial aid process
    • Developed an inventory of financial aid process to identify processes that need to be mapped and/or are candidates to be supported in a shared services model
  • Developed report identifying critical issues and recommendations 


By the end of the project, the USG Central Office had defined project plans and tools to execute on their priority projects.

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