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HCM Process Assessment


Navigator engaged with a large research institution to assess three key process areas and provide recommendations for improvement. The process areas and respective goals included:
  • Benefits Administration: Identify internal business changes required as a result of a new external Benefits Administrator
  • Position Management: Leverage best practices in PeopleSoft for hybrid implementation and sustainable processes for maintaining reporting structures, organizational hierarchies, implementing Manager Self Service functionality and workflow 
  • Managing Faculty Events: Review current business process, delivered PeopleSoft processes, and implement best practices for reporting, data integrity, and relationship to job data


Three teams of subject matter experts were identified, one for each of the three process areas. Initially, scoping sessions were held with each team to gather background information and identify a specific set of sub-processes. 46 sub-processes were identified. Workshops were then scheduled to gather current state process information. In all, 24 scoping and workshop sessions were held.
The following deliverables were created:
  • High-level System / Environment Diagram for each process area
  • Sub-Process Scope List
  • RACI Matrix to identify the roles that perform each step in the sub-process and with what responsibility
  • Sub-Process Diagrams – Swim lane diagrams were developed for each of the 46 sub-processes
  • Observations and Pain Points Matrix


Recommendations were made in 7 priority areas:
  1. University System governance, preparation, and data cleanup
  2. PeopleSoft knowledge and education
  3. Utilization of PeopleSoft Smart HR to replace the institution’s Personnel Service Form (PSF)
  4. PeopleSoft workflow implementation
  5. Position management/control
  6. Manage faculty events – data maintenance and tenure calculations
  7. Benefits administration file automation
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