Allied Mineral Products

HR Consultative Services

HR Consultative Services


Navigator Management Partners provided Human Resource (HR) consultative services to Allied Mineral Products. 


Navigator’s talent team collaborated with Allied Mineral Products’ Director of HR and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to help them identify a Director of Information Technology. Navigator provided consultative services in the area of recruitment of IT skills, in addition to bringing in an IT Subject Matter Expert from the consulting line of business. The proper tools and methodology were provided to define the IT needs of the business. The Navigator team helped with the selection and interviewing process for the Director of IT candidates, successfully evaluating the various talent and making a hiring recommendation. 


This recommendation consequently resulted in a successful placement. The CFO of the organization reported high levels of satisfaction with Navigator’s performance, and also reported that they were very satisfied with the relevant skills of the consulting team, quality of the deliverables, and with Navigator’s dedication of purpose.

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