University of California Irvine Health System

IT ERP Strategy


University of California Health was considering implementing Lawson cloud-based financials in order to replace older, mainframe-based financial and supply chain systems.  The existing systems were close to or past useful life, without support, and with minimal internal knowledge of the systems.  Navigator was asked to develop a Financials and Supply Chain Systems Implementation strategy to address the current system deficiencies, and assess the Lawson product against their near term and longer term requirements and operating model.

Business Problem:

Provide a clear view of the overall project scope, high level project plan, expected timeline, project phasing, required resources, implementation costs and other project parameters associated with the project.  The overall intent was to provide a directionally correct estimate to aid in making a go / no-go decision, prepare the organization for the implementation, and provide an overall strategy to accomplish the objectives.


Navigator provided Project Management, Change Management, and functional and technical expertise to support estimating a financials and supply chain implementation.   Specific, high level activities included: 
  • Current state process evaluation and validation of the client core financial processes and supply chain processes, to develop high-level business process requirements.
  • Evaluation of current state technical requirements including Reporting, Interfaces, Integrations, Data Conversion, and other components for inclusion in the implementation strategy
  • Future state business process modeling and “Fit/Gap” Analysis evaluating high level business process requirements against a peer University model and other identified future state requirements
  • Developing high-level project implementation options including overall project timeline, project phases, internal and external level of effort, total costs, and key risks.
  • Analyzing a potential option to create a regional shared service supply chain model between the client and another UC System institution, as well as move the client towards a more outsourced replenishment model


  • Insight into the current state financial and supply chain people, process, and technology environments
  • Clarity around potential options and key decisions necessary prior to selecting a specific solution
  • Additional options for consideration to offset the initial Lawson directionUncovered previously unknown complexities in regards to regional considerations and the desired supply chain operating model
  • Provided detailed scope and cost estimates of a potential Lawson implementation, identifying approximately $1.0MM in potential contractual savings over initial plan
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