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IT Strategy

IT Strategy and Roadmap for The Huntington Library


A prominent humanities-based not-for-profit institution was experiencing challenges with the decentralized nature of their IT related activities, minimal IT department resources, and the associated low-level of support provided. Minimal IT investments over the past few years were beginning to strain the existing IT organization and infrastructure. IT related application projects were identified and implemented by the business functions often without IT support or institutional governance, leading to sub-optimal results, unforeseen complications and costs, and duplication of effort.  IT Infrastructure related projects were often not prioritized, and existing infrastructure not optimally maintained and deployed.

In anticipation of new leadership, the institution desired developing an IT Strategy that would provide a direct line of sight between desired business capabilities and the required IT capabilities to deliver them. The IT Strategy would need to address Organizational, Infrastructure, Applications, and Governance components while providing an IT Improvement Roadmap which would identify, prioritize, and sequence specific initiatives to achieve the strategy.


The Navigator team quickly established consensus around an approach that addressed understanding the current state capabilities, eliciting desired business capabilities from the functional areas, identifying the gaps between the two, and then building a roadmap to begin to close the gaps. The team crafted the approach and facilitated over 20 current state and future state leadership sessions across ten functional departments, synthesized findings into common themes and specific gaps, collaborated with the institution’s leadership team to identify, define, and prioritize specific initiatives to close the gaps, developed an IT Improvement Roadmap addressing Organizational, Infrastructure, Applications, and Governance components, and developed and presented an IT Strategy Report to the leadership team and the incoming President of the institution. 


  • Institution-wide leadership alignment to the IT Strategy and roadmap
  • Successful communication to the donor community resulting in funding for IT initiatives
  • Commitment to execute the strategy and the specific initiatives
  • Increased visibility and understanding of the path forward to resolve current IT deficiencies
  • Improved understanding of common IT and project related best practices and approaches
  • Creation of an ongoing IT Steering Committee to further define and develop governance model practices 
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