Atlanta Airlines Terminal Corporation

Change Management for Company Reorganization

Navigating the Course of Change


Since the change in Executive Director in 2009, the Atlanta Airlines Terminal Corporation (AATC) had gone through a number of significant changes. The most widespread and long-term change was a proposed reorganization that would transform the AATC into a world-class organization and a Great Place to Work employer in Atlanta.  This included changes to departments and job roles, as well as the hiring of additional staff that would increase employee headcount by 33%. AATC was seeking a holistic approach to minimize employee resistance and loss of productivity during this time of significant change.  

When having undergone the amount of change that AATC had over the previous few years, employees were anxious, nervous, scared and change fatigued.  It would be critical to find meaningful and appropriate ways for them to contribute throughout the organizational transformation process.  


​Finding the best alignment of their current workforce to the new organizational structure was desirable, along with having an efficient process to recruit, select and integrate new hires into positions where the right talent did not exist.  Throughout the process, AATC wanted to create a culture that united both new and existing employees to sustain the long-term opportunities and benefits of the transformation. 

AATC engaged Navigator to perform 2 phases. 
  • Phase 1: Assessment of the current state and development of the Organizational Change Management Strategy 
  • Phase 2: Engagement of stakeholders in the implementation of Organizational Change Management Strategy and provide Communications Support
Navigator charted the client through an organizational transformation during a period of high growth, and developed strategies and communications to help transition to a new organization structure and maintain key personnel.


Our impact on the project was immediate and halted the client from communicating an incomplete organization chart to the employees. We coached the client on delivering communication that was authentic and decisions were made. Navigator also conducted several Prosci assessments to help align the executive leadership to the needs of the organization as well as their own leadership styles.

AATC completed the organization transition and completed the onboarding of new leaders and employees shortly afterwards. They were successful in retaining their most valued employees during this time.