Shawnee State University

Oracle Cloud Implementation

Oracle Cloud Enables Faculty to Focus on Students at Shawnee State University


Over the past few years Shawnee State University has faced a decline in student enrollment and retention along with pressure from the Ohio governor to lower cost of tuition. The University has invested in a uniformed Oracle Cloud solution to enable their faculty and staff to focus on students.


Navigator is partnering with Shawnee State University to help guide them through the people side of the Oracle Cloud implementation by providing Organizational Change and Training Leadership to the project. We are taking a prescriptive approach to their organizational change based the university’s culture and impacted groups. Our approach is focused on change alignment and readiness, leadership coaching, end user training and a cascading communications approach.


As part of Shawnee State University’s Strategic Plan, the University has made an investment in Oracle Cloud. Their goal is to be a student-focused university by leveraging the latest technology to create operational efficiencies.