State of Indiana, Indiana Office of Technology (IOT)

Government Management Information Systems Organizational Assessment

Organizational Assessment at the State of Indiana


The Indiana Office of Technology (IOT) and Government Management Information Systems (GMIS) engaged Navigator Management Partners and Mainline Information Systems to assess the organizational performance, structure, and alignment of the GMIS organization. IOT leadership wanted to evaluate the current organization and identify areas for improvement. 
The GMIS Current State Organizational Assessment effort focused on the following elements:
  • Assess the mission, role, and scope of GMIS
  • Assess the current structure, governance and processes of GMIS
  • Capture input from agency principles, key stakeholders and employees on what is working well, areas and ideas for improvement


The team used multiple methods to assess the GMIS mission/vision, strategy, structure, processes, routines & information flow, and roles.
To better understand policy and governance, the team assessed the current state of organizational operations. A review of existing documentation related to GMIS governance, policy, job descriptions, and vision “to be statements” provided a snapshot of current state organizational policy and governance.
To better understand organizational structure and performance, the team assessed roles and responsibilities in the current organizational structure, reviewed existing documentation, conducted interviews with key stakeholders and business owners, hosted cross-agency and ‘by role’ focus groups, and deployed an internal GMIS employee survey. These data sources provided a thorough snapshot on current organizational structure and performance.
The approach resulted in a comprehensive view of the GMIS current state and served as the basis for organizational improvement recommendations.


Successfully completed the project on schedule, to plan and within budget.

Summary of data gathering approaches:
  • Conducted interviews with 7 Agency Principals 
  • Conducted interviews with 20 Business Owners/Representatives
  • Invited 55 participants to Focus Groups achieving an 83% participation rate
  • Deployed a GMIS Organizational Assessment survey to 36 participants receiving an 89% response rate
Strength Weakness Opportunity and Threats (SWOT) analysis was completed and summary recommendations were presented GMIS management, IOT leadership, and to Enterprise Steering Committee members and Agency Principals.Thirteen (13) key recommendations were identified and aligned to three priority areas: 1) foundational to the organization’s success; 2) essential building blocks that require external support, buy-in, or action; and 3) internal to GMIS. 
The State approved the recommendations deliverable and has subsequently begun to implement quick wins as well as take actions to initiate other key recommendations.

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