State of Ohio

Business Process Design

Driving ROI at the State of Ohio


Navigator Management Partners performed a deep requirements gathering analysis effort to understand where a potential fit would enable the State to move to delivered functionality and remove heavy customizations. This analysis was performed with metric based analysis to substantiate the initial upfront cost of performing an upgrade and building a business case to perform business process design to drive a total ROI.

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Navigator Management Partners
Navigator Management Partners is a management and information technology consulting firm. We have a comprehensive service offering, including program / project management, organizational change management, business intelligence, business analysis and process design, IT strategy, testing and deployment and solution architecture. Much of our work centers around our key partnerships with Oracle, SAP and Workday, particularly their cloud applications.  We maintain strategic partnerships with these market-leading cloud applications, as well as Tableau, Cloudera and others. We are a market and thought leader in both the OCM and Analytics spaces.


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