ProsciĀ® Authorized Training

Did you know that your project is 6X more likely to reach business objectives with effective change management?

According to the Prosci 2017 Benchmarking Data study, "participants with the highest level of change management effectiveness were 6X more likely to meet or exceed project objectives." Since its inception in 2001, Navigator has demonstrated commitment and leadership in change management—specifically, in helping our clients build their own change capacity to further their organizational goals.

Navigator is 1 of 4 Prosci® Authorized Training Providers in the U.S., and over 60% of our employees are Prosci® certified. 

"Over thirty years in state government I have been through a lot of trainings. This training ranks among one of my favorites and this is in a big part on how you presented the materials. It is not very often that I can keep my mind fully engaged for one day let alone three."
Participant of the Prosci Change Management Practitioner course, State of Oregon


Certification Program (3 days)

This program is designed for people responsible for managing change or building the change management competency within their organization. Upon completion, participants are certified in Prosci’s change management methodology and equipped to lead their organizations through all types of change.

Coaching Program (1 day)

According to Prosci research studies with more than 3,400 participants: managers and supervisors play one of the most critical roles in leading employees through change. This program focuses on the power of individual coaching, how to avoid common manager mistakes and techniques for managing resistance. It provides the tools and skills necessary for assessing teams and creating actions plans to help them through change.

Sponsor Program (4- 6 hours)

Active and visible sponsorship is the number one contributor to overall project success. This program will help executives and senior leaders embrace their role as sponsors of change initiatives. They will discover that “visible and active sponsorship” is more than simply authorizing resources and providing funding. This program provides the tools and skills necessary for effectively leading change and positioning their projects for success.

Orientation Program (1 day)

Successful change relies on the acceptance and engagement of your employees, one individual at a time. When employees are involved, disruption to the business and resistance to change efforts are minimized. This orientation is based on the Employee’s Survival Guide to Change and the Prosci ADKAR model. It equips employees to play an active role in making change work.

Delivering Project Results (4-6 hours)

Designed for a project team or a group of project managers and leaders, this workshop provides project teams with awareness of how change management can help them meet a project’s intended outcomes. The workshop is designed to guide participants through a common language and framework for change management using terms they know: intent, objectives, scope, work streams, milestones, deliverables and timelines.

"Quick note of thanks for your excellent training and facilitation! Especially of aligning your presentation to the audience and unique circumstances of state government."
Participant of the Prosci Change Management Practitioner course, State of Oregon