Financial Services

Provide deep customer insight across multiple platforms

We understand the major challenges and trends faced by our clients in the financial services, insurance and banking industry. You need systems that can provide deep customer insight across multiple platforms and business segments. We know that you must respond quickly to an ever-growing level of regulatory requests and reporting requirements.  You need to implement lean and Six Sigma operational excellence techniques to remain profitable in an increasingly competitive and cost-conscious environment.  In order to keep up with the pace of technological change, you know it is critical to transform from legacy mainframe systems and custom-developed applications to cloud-based packaged software systems.  All the while, creating a workforce that adapts to organizational changes with ease to give you an advantage over your competition. At Navigator, we understand these challenges, and we have closely aligned our capabilities to help you solve them.
"Navigator resources...continue to impress me with their project management skills, focus on execution and relationship management abilities as well as their commitment to excellence."
Applications Manager, Solution Support Group, BMW Financial Services