Organizational Change Management

Helping your people deliver your projects’ intended results and business outcomes

Change management is fundamentally about connecting people with business results. Navigator consultants work collaboratively with our clients to achieve sustained results by:

  • Accelerating peoples’ adoption, utilization, and proficiency in the new ways of working.
  • Helping people transition through the period of change, both individually and collectively.
  • Identifying and enabling the desired behavior changes needed to achieve results.
  • Helping our clients build their internal change management capabilities.

In recognition of the importance of leadership in managing change, what sets our Organizational Change Management capability apart from the competition?

  • Client Ownership: We empower clients to own and manage their change process.
  • Experience: Our change management consultants average 12 years of experience, allowing us to proactively identify and address commonly encountered risks.
  • Practical Solutions: We provide field-tested and data-driven solutions to complex challenges.
  • Comprehensive Approach: Our proprietary methodology addresses the entire change lifecycle, integrating Prosci’s leading approach with components of complimentary methodologies.



Comprehensive Change Management

This offering supports projects where diverse stakeholders are involved and impacted, and where change may be complex and significant. All aspects of change management are addressed, such as sponsorship, engagement, communications, organizational alignment, workforce transition, training, and readiness monitoring.

Prosci Training

Navigator delivers various Prosci training programs to suit the needs of different groups, including executives, managers and supervisors, front-line staff, and internal change management resources. We are one of only five Prosci Authorized Training Providers in the United States.

Learning Solutions

Learning Solutions addresses the critical importance of training an organization’s people, either to support the needs of a change initiative, or to improve current state productivity. This can be a standalone service or part of our Comprehensive Change Management offering.

Change Management Office (CMO)

We are experienced in the creation and redesign of clients’ CMOs. Benefits of CMOs include improved planning and management of a portfolio of changes across the organization, improved alignment between change management and program/project management, and improved organization-wide governance of change management.

"Navigator charted us on the right path through an organizational transformation during a period of high growth and helped us to transition to a new organization structure with the confidence that we would be successful. Engaging their organization development expertise was the best leadership decision I ever made."
Kofi Smith, Executive Director, Atlanta Airlines Terminal Corporation