Solution Architecture

Let us focus on the technology so you can focus on your business

Business requirements and the strategies for achieving them are constantly changing. Similarly the underlying technologies supporting business solutions also continue to change at a rapid pace. Navigator understands the importance of having a carefully planned technical architecture that forms a foundation for building and deploying business solutions and which serves as an enabler for an organization to achieve their overall business goals and strategies. A successful architecture must not only meet the needs of an individual application, but also allow the enterprise’s diverse applications to work harmoniously with each other, its support personnel, its users, and its customers.

Navigator has been a leader of multiple large-scale process improvement and software implementation projects for enterprise applications. System implementations and upgrades present a variety of technical changes and challenges. Navigator has experience planning for, designing, implementing, and supporting the architecture and other components comprising the technical infrastructure needed for these and other systems. Navigator also has a proven track record in providing skilled technical resources in the areas of application and integration development and support.


Project Management

Navigators are not only technology experts, but also project management experts. With this combination of skills, we can effectively lead the estimating and program management overall. More than half of our employees hold the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

Application Development Testing and Integration

When application developers are well-versed in technical architecture, great things happen. When designing, building, and testing batch processes, integrations, or even reports, workflows, and other custom code, our experience with architecture can help yield better results more quickly on the trickiest problems.

Enterprise Architecture Strategy and Deployment

Enterprise architecture strategy and deployment encompasses a wide range of services. At a high level, we can perform an assessment of your current architecture, and provide recommendations, along with a roadmap or blueprint for implementation. Or we can take a more focused look, helping you to develop strategies for cloud migration, mobile device support, applications and platforms, integration architecture, or business continuity.

System Administration and Support

Even the most robust infrastructure requires some administration. We can provide team members skilled in database administration, server administration (whether Windows, Unix, or Linux), network and storage administration, and application security administration. ERP systems also often require administrators who can support their specific application platforms and middleware.

"Each member of the team is not only technically competent in systems and processes, but most importantly strong in project management and interpersonal skills."
Susan E. Higgenson, Managing Director, Accounting Operations, American Electric Power