Align your IT strategy with the overall business strategy

It is critical that IT goals, objectives and strategies continually align with those of the overall enterprise, and with other departments.  In order to create this alignment, an effective method involves the development of specific strategies in their areas of responsibility. Once an appropriate strategy is developed and put in motion, it can be modified and enhanced when necessary to ensure continual alignment with the business.

Navigator’s experts align your IT strategy with your overall corporate strategic direction, addressing key business levers, such as processes, tools and technologies, costs, performance metrics, and your organizational structure.


IT Assessment Strategy

This strategy covers all aspects of the IT organization from project support to daily IT operational tasks. Its purpose is to ensure alignment between IT and the business. The strategy includes organizational, process, cost, tool and technology, and performance metric components.

IT Organizational Assessment Strategy

This strategy covers all aspects of the organizational makeup of the IT organization, including roles and responsibilities, RACI assignments, organizational layers, management span of control, and other organizational structure related areas. It helps to ensure the IT organization is properly structured to deliver its mission and meet business requirements.

IT Process Assessment Strategy

This strategy covers internal IT business processes that deliver both projects, as well as day-to-day business services. Typical areas of focus include PMO Strategy Assessment, Governance Strategy Assessment and Business Case Development.

IT Cost Assessment Strategy

This strategy examines the cost of IT across the organization, including central and field IT. This assessment also analyzes ways to make IT more cost effective and efficient.

IT Tools and Technology Strategy

This strategy analyzes the existing toolset IT has at their disposal to deliver their Statement of Work, such as project management tools, resource planning tools and project staffing tools.

IT Performance Metrics Strategy

This strategy analyzes and determines how IT measures success, what dashboards and scorecards should be utilized, how they gauge continuous improvement efforts, and how they report to the business and to themselves.

"When I think strategy, I think Navigator. They are strategic in everything they do."
Ilee Rhimes, Former Chief Information Officer at The Ohio State University and the University of Southern California