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The Value of Change Management

Everyone can list the criteria for project success…Project goals achieved on-time and on-budget. But according to PMI's 2015 Pulse study, only 64% of projects actually achieve this success and meet their project goals. The reality is that change is hard. Change is made by people...people who must change their thinking, behaviors and tools, which doesn't come easy. Download this white paper to get an inside look into a few clients who embody change management excellence. 


Establishing a Data Analytics Program

Explore the challenges you can anticipate encountering when establishing a foundation for a successful data analytics program, and learn recommendations based on best practices outlined in this article. 


SAP Clients: Navigating Your Journey to the Cloud

Learn what the cloud is and what it isn’t. Discuss your cloud enterprise systems and supporting infrastructure options today and in the future, as the landscape is constantly changing. Identify the considerations about moving to the cloud and timing to help develop your cloud approach.


Cloud Implementation Readiness

In a typical cloud ERP implementation for HR/Payroll and Finance, a conservative project burn rate for software and services can cost between $180,000 to $200,000 per month – or between $45,000 to $50,000 per week. So delays of only a few weeks can start to mount.

Download the white paper below to read the list of pre-implementation tasks and activities you can do even before you know the software solution that will allow you to more efficiently work with your software vendor and implementation partner and to not unnecessarily slow down your implementation


Organizational Change Approach

Organizations undergoing change are focused on an end result that is anticipated to be best for the organization. Addressing the people side of change is important to realize the expected ROI of the change and to ensure the organization does not get stuck in the status quo.

Download the Organizational Change Approach white paper to better understand change and a structured change management approach, powered by Prosci® methodology.


How to Build Campus-Wide Training

This white paper describes how to prepare faculty and administration staff in the core competencies of a software system and contribute to the achievement of an institutions' management objectives. 


Getting Your Organization Ready for a New eRA System

As the field of research administration grows increasingly complex and funding dollars are harder to get, more institutions are turning to electronic research administration to support their grants infrastructure. This white paper focuses on what to consider when contemplating a new grant management system. 



Aligning Business and Learning Outcomes for

Measurable Impact

How can an organization optimize business outcomes using learning as its critical enabler? To meet this challenge, think business first. Align your learning outcomes with business outcomes for measurable, enterprise-wide impact.  




Process Improvement in Higher Education

Student System Assessment