BI and Analytics Requirements - Equal Parts Art and Science

We hear about it all too often with IT transformation projects that involve Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics. End users often don’t get what they expected and hoped for as far as visibility and access to data when they finally see the end product. What they heard in promised capabilities and envisioned in requirements gathering discussions does not line up with the reality of the final solution. Does this sound familiar to your organization? If so, then it may be time to re-visit your strategy for gathering BI and analytics requirements.

Organizational Change Considerations When Moving to the Cloud

Any change within an organization introduces ripples of decisions and considerations. This is true if you are changing a simple process or introducing an organizational realignment. The sheer act of ‘change’ requires decision-makers to take a step back and consider the impacts. Moving to a cloud technology is no different. 

Pay Down Your Technical Debt In 4 Steps

You have an IT department filled with smart, competent employees. And yet, they have a hard time getting projects done in a timely manner. You try to find out why, and discover that the problem is twofold: They are spending so much time just keeping the lights on — handling routine day-to-day tasks and putting out fires — that they have little time left over for doing project work. In addition, even small changes invariably seem to create new defects, which are time-consuming to track down and fix.

If some or all of the above paragraph seems all too familiar to you, then your organization probably has a problem with technical debt. Read on to learn the four steps for paying down your technical debt.

Will IT Be a Net Enabler or Inhibitor to Meeting Your 2017 Goals?

Most organizations use this time of year to update their mission, establish new objectives, and develop new strategies to better position themselves for the coming year. With newness comes excitement, positive energy, and hope for improved overall business performance.  However, how dependent is your updated business strategy on your IT department?  Does IT have an updated strategy that aligns with your business strategy and the new business capabilities you require? Navigator understands how complicated it is for an IT department to develop and execute an IT strategy that is aligned with, and stays aligned with, the overall business strategy and desired business capabilities. But we also understand how valuable it can be for the enterprise if you do. Read on to learn more.

​The Sky’s the Limit - Oracle in the Clouds

Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud computing are often confused for the same thing.  SaaS is but one form of cloud computing. Cloud computing can also consist of Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Database as a Service (DBaaS) and other hosted services. Read on to see the evolution of Oracle and key features of Oracle Cloud today.
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Navigator Management Partners
Navigator Management Partners is a management and information technology consulting firm. We have a comprehensive service offering, including program / project management, organizational change management, business intelligence, business analysis and process design, IT strategy, testing and deployment and solution architecture. Much of our work centers around our key partnerships with Oracle, SAP and Workday, particularly their cloud applications.  We maintain strategic partnerships with these market-leading cloud applications, as well as Tableau, Cloudera and others. We are a market and thought leader in both the OCM and Analytics spaces.


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