PeopleSoft Upgrade 8.3 to 9.1

Express PeopleSoft Upgrade


‚ÄčNavigator was contracted by Express for a PeopleSoft Human Capital Management system upgrade from version 8.3 to 9.1. 


This was quite a strategic project for Express as they were eliminating an outsourced system and bringing the technology in house. They not only needed help with the technical conversion but to help guide them down the path of setting up their technical support team. Additionally, this project was to set the stage to support global expansion plans. 


From a business perspective, the Navigator team helped to redesign many internal payroll procedures, implement a new payroll batch flow, and implement an entirely new manager self-service platform using PeopleSoft’s workflow engine to be rolled out to all 700 stores across the US and Canada. The workflow solution was designed to minimize data entry errors, eliminate paper waste, and reduce inefficient e-mail/phone call traffic from store managers to central support services.

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