State of Ohio

Enterprise Adoption at the State of Ohio


The State of Ohio added Tableau to the Business Intelligence (BI) program for the visualization of data for State agencies. Navigator Management Partners is responsible for Managed Services, Continuous Improvement, and Project Services related to the BI program inclusive of all enterprise Tableau related activities. As part of the BI program, Navigator was engaged to establish the enterprise Tableau service offering within the State of Ohio.  Additionally, Navigator managed the production architectural setup of enterprise Tableau analytics and visualization solution and determined the enterprise analytics and visualization roll out strategy. 

Prior to having Tableau, there was a focus on operational types of reporting at the State of Ohio. With Tableau, there has been a shift towards data discovery, visualization of data, and public facing websites with embedded Tableau visualizations.  In order to roll out the Tableau service, the Navigator team conducted and continues to outreach with agencies looking to learn more about the enterprise analytics and visualization offerings.


Currently, Navigator takes a leadership role in the requirements gathering, design, build, and testing activities for enterprise solutions which leverage Tableau including all solutioning, data source creation, and dashboard development. Since the implementation, Navigator as part of the State of Ohio BI Program has delivered 10+ Tableau based projects for various state agencies. 
The team was/is responsible for the following:
  • System uptime and performance
  • System upgrades and maintenance
  • Break/fix on reports and data sources
  • End user support and training
  • Enhancements to existing data sources and dashboards
  • Implementation of new functionality including new components of the solution, new data sources, and new dashboards
  • Services related to the Tableau Enterprise Service (web data connectors, proxy servers, etc.)
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