First, Siri; Then, Alexa; Now, Introducing Luci!

By John DeLeo, Director of Consulting Services and Oracle Solutions Lead

“Hello Luci, please create my fall class schedule.”

It’s here. Introducing Oracle Student Management Cloud. And, yes, it comes with a virtual assistant named Luci.

Oracle Student Management Cloud has been designed from scratch and is not your traditional Student Information System (SIS).  It provides the transactional functionality of today’s SIS, but it is designed with the 21st century student in mind. It incorporates key features, such BYOD (bring your own device), working on PCs, tablets and smartphones with apps, an “Amazon” consumer-like experience, social engagement, collaboration and chat, and real-time access to your information.
Oracle Student Management Cloud employs the latest in technology, such as a virtual assistant named Luci that students will be able to interact with on a conversational basis, similar to Alexa or Siri.  Luci has the ability to perform automated tasks, which include:
  • Academic planning, creating a complete multi-year academic plan based on program requirements, transfer credits, etc.
  • Class schedule creation
  • Automatically enrolling the student when enrollment begins
In addition to Oracle Student Management Cloud, Oracle has been working on addressing the entire student experience from the identification and application process to student success. It is designed to help build long-term relationships with students. The Oracle Student Cloud is comprised of:
  • Student Experience or Student CX, which includes Student Recruiting, Student Engagement and Student Support modules
  • Student Management
  • Financial Aid
  • Student Success
Virtual assistant Luci is not the only exciting Oracle Student Cloud feature. On April 30, 2018, Oracle acquired Vocado.  Vocado is a student-centric, cloud-based financial aid solution for higher education.  It improves student satisfaction and outcomes by:
  • Reducing time-to-aid eligibility
  • Increasing student borrowing responsibility
  • Reducing time-to-first-disbursement
  • Optimizing public and private funding sources mix to reduce student debt
  • Providing a simple checklist for students, which includes sending alerts for deadlines or discrepancies
Vocado helps accelerate the complete Oracle Student Cloud solution.  It can also be implemented as a stand-alone solution integrated with your current on-premise SIS.
Finally, Oracle Student Cloud brings it all together with Student Success. Student Success provides a holistic university-wide ability to increase student satisfaction, retention and graduation rates; ultimately, making the student more successful.  The key to this is data, insight and action. Universities gather a lot of information about students, including high school curriculum and grades, financial need, college course schedule and grades, etc.  Analyzing this data and many more factors allows colleges and universities to make predictions and quickly act on them to help guide the student to better outcomes.  Student Success provides this level of analytics by taking masses of data and personalizing it to an individual student to add to the overall student experience.
So, now what? This all sounds so exciting, but you may be asking some questions: What features are right for my university or college? Should I implement the full Oracle Student Cloud suite?  Where do I start? Navigator Management Partners can help answer these questions.

Navigator is 1 of only 3 early adopter implementers of Oracle Student Cloud. In addition to being an early adopter implementer of Oracle Student Cloud, Navigator has extensive experience implementing Oracle HCM Cloud and Oracle Financials Cloud, providing a complete solution for higher education institutions.  Whether you are in the software solution selection stage or in the process of implementing a solution, Navigator can help. Contact us today.