How Fluid Are You?

This is Not your Father’s PeopleSoft

With the passing of the New Year into 2018, PeopleSoft will be celebrating 30 years of providing enterprise solutions for Human Capital Management, Finance, and Student Administrative business functions at many of the world’s largest organizations.  Founded in 1987 and first releasing HRMS in 1988, it has seen many changes over the years. 
PeopleSoft Versions
Starting as a client machine installed application in the early days, PeopleSoft has always adapted with the changing landscape.  It evolved into a client-server based solution, reducing application upgrade efforts, then made an aggressive transition to become a complete web-application that could be hosted in house or through a managed service provider, and now has moved to what is called the Fluid Interface which will adapt PeopleSoft Fluid Mobiledynamically to the diverse ways in which users want to interact with the software.   
In the past, PeopleSoft forced each option upon you as you upgraded.  With the current support model of selective adoption, not only do you get to choose what updates to apply, you get to decide how you want your users to interact; however, with options and choice, comes complexity and change.  If you are one of the 5000 world-wide customers running PeopleSoft applications you might be asking yourself….How do I decide which solutions to leverage and to whom they should be deployed?

Navigator Can Help 

Navigator consultants have been working with PeopleSoft since the initial releases and have guided clients through the changing PeopleSoft landscape.  We have customers implementing PeopleSoft for the first time this year as well as customers who have been running and supporting PeopleSoft for over 20 years. They all have one thing in common: they are all looking to get the most out of their investment. Making the change to a Fluid centric model will create a modern and streamlined user experience. It can dramatically reduce menu navigation and simplify business processes by limiting content to only the critical items necessary to complete a transaction and dynamically optimizing the page display for either a laptop, a tablet, or a phone.  
PeopleSoft Delivered Fluid Pages Chart
You can see in the chart that PeopleSoft continues to deliver more and more features built for the Fluid interface.  This can be overwhelming, sincethere are now so many functions to move to the fluid interface.  Our PeopleSoft Solution Consultants understand how to assess your organization, develop a strategic roadmap for your fluid implementation, and help your technical team configure and deploy the solutions.  Our Project Managers will be there to ensure the effort runs smoothly and delivers all the business outcomes, and our Organizational Change Management professionals will be there to guide your people through the transition.   

At the beginning we asked, “How Fluid Are You?”  Let Navigator help answer perhaps a better question: “How Fluid Should We Be?”

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