Which State is Next to Follow Suit with Georgia?

Written By: Barbari Griesse, Principal Consultant and Prosci Advanced Instructor, Navigator Management Partners and Lisa Stiver, Senior Consultant and Prosci Change Practitioner, Navigator Management Partners

The State of Georgia has passed the Accountability, Change Management, and Process Improvement Act of 2016 reinforcing the importance of change management in successful projects. The Act which passed unanimously went into effect on July 1st, 2016 impacting all state government agencies, boards, authorities and commissions. Seeking to provide improved service at a lower cost to its citizens, the State of Georgia recognizes technology and its rapid pace of change plays an increased role in their service delivery.  The Act states, “Research has consistently shown that projects with effective change management programs are significantly more likely to be successful than projects with little or no change management programs and are significantly more likely to come in on time and on or under budget.”  

Prosci, a leader in change management and Navigator’s Global Partner, sites, “Successful change requires both the technical and people sides. Project management and change management have a joint value proposition oriented toward business results. Projects that contain excellent change management were 6 times more likely to meet or exceed project objectives on or ahead of schedule and on or below budget.”

With the passing of this act, it is refreshing to see that the State of Georgia understands the importance of both the technical and people side of projects. Any technology project that exceeds $1 million must have a strong business case and change management plan when seeking approval and include a stakeholder analysis, change risk assessment, program approach, change management work plan for communications, coaching, training, sponsorship and resistance management, and resources necessary for plan execution.

The Georgia General Assembly’s intent is for agencies to seek best practices with private or public sector experts when appropriate to develop and implement these change management plans. 

Navigator has already conducted a 3-day Prosci Practitioner Change Management program with The University of Georgia and looks forward to further opportunities to support the State of Georgia.

Reach out to our Organizational Change Management and Prosci Teams to learn more.