Will IT Be a Net Enabler or Inhibitor to Meeting Your 2017 Goals?

So, Happy New Year, right? Most organizations use this time of year to update their mission, establish new objectives, and develop new strategies to better position themselves for the coming year.  This is great, right? With newness comes excitement, positive energy, and hope for improved overall business performance.  However, how dependent is your updated business strategy on your IT department?  Does IT have an updated strategy that aligns with your business strategy and the new business capabilities you require?  Do they know what applications, infrastructure, support, and security capabilities they need to develop to enable the business strategy. Will IT be a net enabler or inhibitor to you meeting your goals for 2017 and truly making it a “Happy New Year”?

Navigator understands how complicated it is for an IT department to develop and execute an IT strategy that is aligned with, and stays aligned with, the overall business strategy and desired business capabilities.   But we also understand how valuable it can be for the enterprise if you do.  IT Departments often have conflicting priorities, creating gaps between what IT delivers and what the business requires.  Most of these gaps are directly attributed to misaligned strategies.

We have structured our service offerings, along with our talent, experience, and toolsets, to help you close those gaps to deliver and execute a business-aligned IT strategy that addresses all the key drivers of IT performance, and provides the IT capabilities required to drive business performance in the areas of:
  • Applications
  • Infrastructure
  • Governance
  • Operations Support
  • Information Security
  • Strategy 
  • Processes
  • Costs 
  • Organization
  • Performance Management
Our IT Strategy Assessment provides a “direct line of sight” between business goals, business capabilities,and the IT Capabilities necessary to enable them.  We assess the current state of IT applications, architectures, organization, and other drivers.  An IT Strategic Initiative Roadmap can then be chartered to address capability gaps in applications, infrastructure, governance, support, information security, as well as organization, costs, and performance.

At The Huntington Library, the Navigator team crafted an approach and facilitated over 20 current state and future state leadership sessions across ten functional departments, synthesized findings into common themes and specific gaps, collaborated with the institution’s leadership team to identify, define, and prioritize specific initiatives to close the gaps, developed an IT Improvement Roadmap addressing Organizational, Infrastructure, Applications, and Governance components, and aligned the organization’s leadership around this strategy.  

Navigator's Platform and System Selection Strategy offering advises clients, prior to going to RFP, on what their next steps and overall approach should be regarding replacing or upgrading aging enterprise platforms. Assessing if, when, who, and how to replace existing enterprise and other legacy platforms can be daunting.  Moving to the “cloud” is an often-used buzzword, but what does “cloud” mean for you?  This service helps our clients understand the market landscape for a given platform, what to expect from a selection, complexity, cost, and risk perspective of a potential implementation, and provides other key insights and recommendations on the path most appropriate for you to take, prior to you making any long-term commitments for systems and platforms including:
  • HR
  • Financials
  • Supply Chain
  • Learning Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • CRM
Navigator engaged with leaders across The Ohio State University and Wexner Medical System to establish a vision, identify a set of strategic goals, analyze peer schools, and develop a number of key decision criteria by which to score three options for their financial system. Navigator provided the University with a Total Cost of Ownership, a suggested implementation plan and a series of implementation considerations. Navigator was selected by OSU to lead the Financials System Project once they selected Workday. Navigator is working as the overall Program Director and Change Management Lead, coordinating with the Workday team to ensure delivery of the required financial functionality.

2017 can indeed be a “Happy New Year” for your organization.  Please consider how Navigator’s exceptional consultants can help your business achieve sustainable results in both this New Year and in years to come. Reach out to us to learn more.