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Government Sector Challenges

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Our employees possess deep skills, diverse work experiences, and a “think outside of the box” solution mentality. These qualifications, combined with our ability to quickly adapt to the ever-changing demands and requirements of the government sector, allow us to quickly and efficiently address your needs, both today and in the future.

Government Sector Challenges

We Understand Your Needs

You must achieve economies of scale, centralizing and consolidating services and operations.

We know you have a lot of data at your fingertips, but more importantly, you need to know how to effectively analyze and use that data. In order to keep up with the pace of technological change, you know it is critical to transform from legacy mainframe systems and custom-developed applications to cloud-based packaged software systems, as this is where departments will spend money and allocate their IT resources. You need to grasp this Government as a Platform concept, increasing the speed of business with the redesign of procurement, enterprise reporting and web portals as government supports the Internet of everything. Change Management and communication is pivotal because of the way the workforce is structured, requiring training, leadership and communication services to help manage the journey. All of these are wrapped around the strategic IT vision and roadmap. Let us help.


Business Intelligence

Define a solid data management program to create a stable platform for reporting. This includes a review of source systems and their contents to assess the quality of source data and to construct the necessary processes to ensure data in the hands of the end user is accurate and timely.

Business Process Documentation & Improvement

Assessing, documenting, analyzing, and recommending streamlined, efficient business processes for your organization. Utilizing best practices and current tools, we work with subject matter experts at your organization to identify inefficiencies in the current-state and reengineer processes to a desired future-state.

Cloud Advisory Services

Navigator assists clients in all aspects of moving legacy systems to the cloud from defining requirements, developing a business case, assessing individual and organizational readiness and recommending a path forward that makes the most sense to your organization.

Cloud Implementations

Navigator consultants know state and local government business processes and functional areas and have been through multiple ERP implementations. Our resources are certified in new cloud technologies and take a consultative approach when guiding clients through an implementation.

Organizational Change Management

Ensuring employees and other stakeholders are included in the change and bought into the solution is a critical factor to the success of any project, and critical to realizing an organization's return on investment. Our consultants are certified in methodologies, such as Prosci, and utilize those tools and techniques to address the "people" aspect of change.

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Delivering Value

More than 30 percent of software projects are cancelled before they are completed. Of completed projects, most deliver fewer features and less business value than promised. Navigator provides the strong business analysis needed to ensure that major investments provide expected value to the organization and critical stakeholders.